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Can you play 168 scales with one finger-pattern? (Hint: 14 scales in 12 keys)       If not, then you’re not getting the most out of what you already know!

Read on for "The" most significant breakthrough in guitar playing since movable scale patterns, and the Pitch Axis Theory is only a part of it . . . 

The revolutionary Guitar Revelations™ Modal Modulator™ also recognized as the G-Rev Modulators™, is a series of 7 parallel scale formulae, expressed in three different ways: frets, intervals and steps. These formulae are used to transform any pentatonic/major scale finger-pattern instantly into the complete set of 14 scales or modes of the Major scale*. The G-Rev Modulators™  formulate in such a way, that all the tonics, roots or bass notes remain the same with each new scale. Empowering  guitarists' with instantly increased scale vocabulary, while providing additional style options within any musical scenario via the Pitch Axis Theory.


Joe Satriani quote from a G3 interview:

As a prolific user of this technique, Joe Satriani said when asked about the Pitch Axis Theory “. . . Pitch Axis is key signatures evolving around one tonal center. In case that's too technical it can be expressed as different scales played off one bass note."


That is exactly what Guitar Revelations™ does, but what makes Guitar Revelations™ unique, is that the included Modal Modulator™ will transform a simple pentatonic finger-pattern into each of these 14 modes (or scales) and center them around one bass note, and that's Pitch Axis x14, but more significantly, it will do this automatically. No prior knowledge of scales, intervals, note names or music theory is necessary!!!  And if that's not enough, by applying the G-Rev Modulators™ along with standard key changes, you'll be able to play 168 scales!!!  That's 14 scales in each of the 12 keys, and if you prefer, all with just one finger-pattern. Instantly accessible to all, regardless of education level. And there’s more...


For easy reference, the 5 standard Pentatonic/Major scale finger-patterns are also included, and they're color coded! This brings the total number of scale configurations up to 846!!!  (168 x 5) And even more scale configurations are possible when counting hybrid finger-patterns or finger-pattern combinations. And there’s still more...


All the associated chord progressions are included, each to enhance the style of every scale. And these chord progressions can be played using "power chords", too.

Guitar Revelations™ is simple enough for the novice, but even an advanced player will instantly benefit with a fresh, instant way to play these scales, and with a new perspective. -A truly moving revelation for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.-

* Guitar Revelations™ complete, all-inclusive series. The 14 scale modal suite

  1h: Ionian major scale (Major scale)

  1p: Pentatonic Ionian Major scale (Pentatonic Major (country, southern-rock, etc.))

  2h: Dorian minor scale

  2p: Pentatonic Dorian minor scale

  3h: Phrygian minor scale

  3p: Pentatonic Phrygian minor scale

  4h: Lydian Major scale

  4t: Root-less Lydian-7 Major scale

  5h: Mixolydian Major scale

  5p: Pentatonic Mixolydian Major scale

  6h: Aeolian minor scale (Natural, Pure or Relative minor scale)

  6p: Pentatonic Aeolian minor scale (Pentatonic minor (blues, rock etc.))

  7h: Locrian diminished scale

  7t: Root-less Locrian-4 diminished scale

Guitar Revelations™ the easiest and most complete way to play, and use,       all 14 modal derivations of the Major scale. 



14 scales multiplied by all 12 keys totals 168 scales, and even using just one finger pattern!

Learn all 5 pentatonic/Major scale finger-patterns and get 840 configurations (5x168), then add  in combinations or hybrid finger-patterns, and you'll see why Guitar Revelations™ guitar method is unrivaled in guitar playing shortcuts, and issued as standard equipment for the creative guitarist.

Instructions (though unnecessary since it's so easy to use) scales and  G-Rev Modal Modulators ™ are all provided with quick start chord progressions. And in addition for easy reference, the five standard Pentatonic/Major scale finger-patterns are also included, and they're color coded. Everything is conveniently held in a handy tri-fold wallet with clear windows and stitched black trim. Truly a handy grasp of the entire guitar fingerboard!


"Anyone can make the simple complicated. The secret is making the complicated simple."
- Charles Mingus

. . . and The Pitch Axis Theory
Instantly, with easy to use formulas!
empowering all guitarist's with ability to freely substitute scales.
. . . and The Pitch Axis Theory



Scales, Finger-patterns, Chord progressions and the G-Rev Modulators, parallel scale formulae all resulting in Pitch Axis.



































             Free Modal Reference





Pitch Axis Theory, Parallel Scale Formulas


In addition, the 5 standard Pentatonic / Major scale finger-patterns are also included, and they're color coded.

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